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The Most Creative Graduation Open House Ideas

Congratulations, you’re graduating from school. Are you ready to celebrate?  If your answer is a tired groan, you’re not alone. Most people would rather attend someone else’s party rather than host one. Figuring out where the venue will be, and making sure most of your planned guests actually make it to the party at roughly the same time, can be stressful.

But you can throw the concept of a set party schedule out the window.  Do a one-day “open house” celebration at home instead, so your guests can come visit you any time within that day.  Depending on who’s coming over and when, you can either prepare the food, or declare a sort of “potluck” arrangement.  The best graduation open house ideas are those you can modify to suit your budget, and the age of the guests (and celebrant).

 graduation open house ideas Idea 1:  Themed Food Fair

This is one of those graduation open house ideas that guarantees people will come, if not to greet you, at least to eat! (It’s also one of those graduation open house ideas that suits graduates of culinary courses in particular, too.) You and your family can make, bake or cook whatever cuisine you desire, and then ask your guests to contribute at least one matching dish or drink to augment that.  Then invite them all over, including your neighbors.


Idea 2: Open-House Cosplay

If you love Comic-Con and role-playing games, one of the best graduation open house ideas would be hosting your own “cosplay” convention (or even a LARP or a live action role-playing game).  Guests must come in costume and in character, ready to play, and ready to interact with whichever character may (or may not) arrive at a given time.  This requires some pre-arranged secret assignment of roles for each guest who confirms attendance.  Each character must first “pay homage” to the graduate, before participating in the game. Best thing about this idea: nobody will have time to eat much, apart from light snacks and drinks.


graduation open house ideasIdea 3: Arts Session

If you’re artistically-inclined, this may be one of the easiest graduation open house ideas to implement.  Since you most likely have musical instruments, music, or art materials on hand, you can hold an open-house arts session. This is similar to what 19th century artists’ havens or parlors were.  Your similarly-inclined friends and family can gather at your home and linger whenever they want (within the open house period), as long as they bring food, drink, musical instruments, play scripts, etc., and make live music, dance, spoken word, or visual art.


Idea 4:  Reporting to the CEO

If you’re business-minded and don’t care much for costumes or themes, try this.  Your relatives, friends, and neighbors can come over and have a bite or drink, as long as give you a particular “gift”: a detailed list of their most important business contacts.  By the end of your open-house day, you’ll have a database of potential business contacts you can use in real life after graduation!

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